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Pontiac Dam on the Pawtuxet River represents one of Rhode Island's most significant ecological restoration opportunities today. CER's report finds that removal of this barrier would restore native migratory fish such as river herring and American shad; improve river ecosystems; reduce flood risks and hazards; and improve water quality in the Pawtuxet River and Narragansett Bay. CER's report examines the dam, discusses its impacts on the river, and evaluates options for management. We found dam removal to be a cost-effective restoration option with significant benefits to ecosystems and communities along the Pawtuxet River and around Narragansett Bay. Click the links below to read or download the report and to access supplemental materials.

Pontiac Dam 

Restoration Report

Read the Report:

Pontiac Dam, Pawtuxet River, RI: Restoration Needs & Recommendations

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