About Us

Center for Ecosystem Restoration is a non-profit organization dedicated to the idea of integrated environmental restoration: on-the-ground work that restores ecosystems, rebuilds local economies, and improves communities.

What is Integrated Environmental Restoration?


It's sustainable, equitable local economic development!


From forests to salt marshes, rivers to beaches, historic coastal cities to farmland, New England's beautiful environment is essential to our economy and quality of life. Yet centuries of industrial and transportation development, coupled with racial discrimination, have damaged our lands, waters and communities. "Integrated environmental restoration" is work that restores the environment while improving communities and supporting local businesses: reducing pollution, restoring rivers and wetlands, improving public lands, fostering social and environmental justice. Through this work, we seek to create a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous and more equitable world -- a place that's good for all of us.

Center for Ecosystem Restoration
North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA


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