Center for Ecosystem Restoration

Beyond Conservation

Dedicated to the restoration of America's ecosystems and communities.

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Thomas Ardito, Director

Center for Ecosystem Restoration
P.O. Box 476
Saunderstown, R.I. 02874

(401) 575-6109

A project of
Earth Island Institute

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Our Abilities

dock.JPGCER works with private organizations and government agencies (local, state and federal) to accomplish environmental restoration.  We offer experience and ability in:

  • Developing restoration projects from the ground up--river restoration, community development, clean energy, stormwater mitigation, fisheries conservation and management, smart growth projects, etc.
  • Grantwriting, funding development, fiscal administration and reporting for restoration and conservation grants and projects.
  • Outreach and public involvement to engage stakeholders in restoration, environmental stewardship and conservation.
  • Restoration and conservation planning.
  • Alternatives evaluation and environmental assessment.
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance.
  • Construction contracting and management.
  • Restoration and conservation monitoring, assessment and reporting.
  • GIS mapping.
  • "Tech transfer"--developing manuals, conferences, etc., to promote and facilitate environmental restoration and conservation.
  • Restoration and environmental communications of all types, in all media--print, Web and video.

In addition, CER maintains a network of partners that can provide additional expertise--from hydrology to toxicology, website development to video production.  Between our in-house capacity and our partners' talents, we'll provide start-to-finish management of restoration projects--or task-specific support.