Center for Ecosystem Restoration

Beyond Conservation

Dedicated to the restoration of America's ecosystems and communities.

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Thomas Ardito, Director

Center for Ecosystem Restoration
P.O. Box 476
Saunderstown, R.I. 02874

(401) 575-6109

A project of
Earth Island Institute

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Our Approach

The Center for Ecosystem Restoration works with community based organizations—watershed councils, environmental groups, municipalities, land trusts, tribes and others—to:

  • Identify, develop and implement restoration projects and partnerships;
  • Provide technical and administrative capacity for restoration; and
  • Develop and deliver restoration tools, methods, outreach and education.

We’re focusing initially on several program areas:

  • Ecological restoration of native habitats, watersheds and fisheries;
  • Urban environmental restoration;
  • Restoration-related outreach and information; and
  • Greenhouse gas reduction through ecosystem restoration.

shipyard.JPGIn all our actions we seek to accomplish and promote integrated environmental restoration—that is, work which fosters the improvement of human communities through the restoration of native ecosystems. Where possible, our projects combine ecological restoration with community economics.

Urban river restoration, for example, can advance environmental justice—improving the quality of life in underserved neighborhoods by offering much-needed opportunities for outdoor recreation, science education and community stewardship. The promotion of sustainable fisheries and non-consumptive uses of ocean resources can enhance local economies while restoring coastal ecosystems.  And integrated approaches to watershed planning offer a path for developing new sources of carbonless energy while improving river ecology and reducing greenhouse gasses.