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Dedicated to the restoration of America's ecosystems and communities.

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About CER 

Center for Ecosystem Restoration is a non-profit organization with the mission of revitalizing America's communities and ecosystems through the practice of integrated environmental restoration--work which seeks to improve both the built and natural environment.  Our goal is to chart a course for sustainable economic development, helping communities to prosper through work that improves the land, water, air, climate and biodiversity on which we all depend.  CER doesn't compete with existing organizations; rather we seek to partner with other organizations--private, non-profit, and governmental; local, state and federal--to advocate and accomplish restoration. 

Over the past decade, scientists and managers have developed new tools and approaches for restoring rivers, wetlands, shorelines, forests and other natural features of the American landscape. Grass-roots organizations, government agencies and academic institutions have demonstrated that, using these methods, decades—even, in some cases, centuries—of environmental damage can be repaired. The best among these projects improve communities as well as ecosystems: enhancing quality of life, building neighborhood economies and furthering environmental justice while benefiting fisheries, wildlife, and biodiversity. Funding sources for this work have increased dramatically—federal, state, corporate and foundation-based—as agencies and advocates have increasingly recognized the power of restoration to improve the environment.

Many successful projects have already been completed. Yet we believe that much more can and should be done. Center for Ecosystem Restoration is committed to working top down--advocating and securing funding--and bottom-up--assisting local organizations--to help bring about a truly transformative approach to America's relationship to her environment. Together, we can restore the nation's ecosystems and communities, to benefit all Americans.

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